Pitch Development

Looking to raise capital,
but investors can’t see your potential?​

LeapSheep provides radically better support for startups. We work with you to develop and refine your business model and story to support you successfully pitch to investors.

Just 0.74% of US companies raise Seed capital (Pear Venture Capitalist Launch Scale 2018).

There are many challenges to overcome – getting in front of the right investors, demonstrating your potential and that you are backable. These hard-won opportunities are typically wasted by pitches that do not adequately demonstrate to investors why and how they will get a risk-adjusted return on their investment.

In startup epicentres like Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv, investors can see and identify potential despite a lacklustre pitch deck, or ill thought through business model.  Anywhere else in the world – you’ll want to do the hard work for them.

At LeapSheep we’re redefining startup support.  We offer world class startup support, that’s both accessible, and affordable. Our experience in co-developing pitches and business models with founders is founded on a history of involvement on both the startup and investor side.

Get support from trained professionals that is completely personalised to your startup.

We’ll lead the process and do all the heavy lifting for you – while also teaching you how to develop and refine your business model and pitch for the future. At the end of the process, you’ll get your pitch teaser, your pitch deck and script – as well as validation that you’re competitive to pitch to successfully raise capital.

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Ready to engage?

Download a brochure for more detailed info

Ready to engage?​